Keep your yard beautiful

Even the most beautiful landscaping job comes with an important caveat: once it’s completed you can’t simply walk away. If you want your yard or common area to continue looking its best you’ll need to maintain it. Softscapes will continue to grow and change with the seasons, flourishing with proper care but suffering from inadequate attention.

Even hardscapes can and will be battered by the passage of time, affected by weather and damaged through continued usage. That’s why having a strong maintenance program in place is so important. At LIV, we understand the need for proper maintenance, and as such we’re standing by to assist you. With our help, you can keep your yard looking its best year-round.

Yard Maintenance

Spring and Fall Clean-Up: LIV can help remove and clear away any seasonal debris left over from winter and help your plants return to their ideal state. Also, if you have to deal with leaf pickup in the fall LIV can help. We’ll not only remove the dead leaves from your yard but any other debris we find as well, giving your plants room to breathe.

Lawn Fertilization and Aeration: If you want your lawn to look its absolute best LIV can help with our fertilization and aeration programs. We’ll provide your plants with the nutrients they need to thrive and endure the realities of any season. Should you require it, we’ll also rejuvenate your lawn with our core aeration program, helping your lawn to breathe and flourish.

Site Care and Enhancements: If you don’t have the time or the inclination to maintain your yard LIV can do the job for you. We’ll visit every two weeks or once a month, removing weeds, collecting debris and keeping your yard healthy.

Mowing: At LIV, we take pride in our mowing efforts to keep your lawn and property looking lush and green. We promise to leave your yard looking even and beautiful every time.

Tree and Shrub Pruning: Tree and shrub pruning is a great way to keep your woody plants healthy by defending them from disease and pest infestations, removing dead areas to allow for regeneration and recovery and allowing them to grow at an ideal rate.

Irrigation Problems: Is your yard retaining too much water? Is it not receiving enough? Either of these issues can be potentially disastrous, but fortunately, LIV can help. We’ll create an irrigation system for your yard which will ensure it always has access to the proper level of moisture. We also have a seasonal irrigation plan that will help you maintain a maintenance free watering season.

Rejuvenation: If your yard and property have seen better days, don’t hesitate to ask us about our rejuvenation services.  We can bring your plants back to life and help bring color and warmth into your green space.

Patio Maintenance: A fresh coat of sealer for pavers and power washing for composite decks keeps these investments a true property asset.

Storm Water Management: Storm Water Management is an essential part of maintaining your property.  If you have standing water on your property after a weather event, you need some drainage solutions for your property.

We want to help you maintain the outdoor space you’ve always wanted. We also do one time clean-ups. Contact LIV Lawn and Construction today about our maintenance services.